Choosing the Right Fiddle for Beginners

When looking to buy your first fiddle, it's important to note that "fiddle" is a colloquial term for the violin, so when shopping at a music store, or searching online, you can use both terms and you'll end up with the same instrument.

Choosing Your First Guitar

Like all instruments, guitars can get expensive, but we hate to tell you to compromise on sound when you are learning guitar. A twangy cheap guitar can sound bad regardless of how well you play it, and we want you to find your practice time rewarding!

Choosing the Right Piano for Beginners

When you're looking for a piano to start playing on, any piano is a good piano! Often you can find pianos being given away on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. In fact, the upright piano in our living room right now is an old church piano that was free to a good home.

How to Practice Your Instrument

We want music to become part of our homes . . . a rich family culture our children don't just associate with "practice" a "timer" and "can I be done yet?" But a creative outlet they get to partake in every single day for the rest of their lives!